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Timor-Leste 4W6AAV(OC148) DXpedition (May. 30. 2007 ~ June. 4. 2007)
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■ Online Log ...................

In order to contact (QSO) with hard-to-contact stations, therefore, we will make our best efforts to give an opportunity to meet us to HAMs all over the world.

■ QSL Route ...................


Jong-sool. CHOI
P.O.Box 5,
Republic of KOREA

QSL Card will be sent to KARL Bureau after completing the forwarding of amount directly ordered.
If you want to directly get, please request direct delivery using the address above.

When you request, please send the stamped envelope with your name, address and zip code as well as a card.
Do not directly send the inappropriate mail not related to the details above.
The mails are sent to the KARL Bureau.